Skin Care

What does your skin need?

Are you aware of your skin type? does it change depending on the season?  are you using the correct products?

Depending on whether your skin is showing signs of dryness, oily patches, dehydration or ance will completely change your skincare regime.

Most people suffer from Dehydraration without even realising. The internal moisture levels are depleted due to our lifestyle, diets, environment and stress levels. Even acne-prone skin can still be under-hydrated.

Using products that are perfect for one person, maybe way too harsh for another sensitive skin so don't be persuaded by a friend or advertisement as it could go horribly wrong.

A skincare consultation determines where your skin is at, and the correct treatments and products will be advised. The aim to have balanced skin with an even texture, prevent sun damage and pigmentation and acne and have a healthy glow with our redness.

What are skincare benefits?

Having more confidence and connecting with your skincare regime and understanding what your skin needs.

It is important to understand that your skin can change sometimes naturally from oilier to dry and therefore a combination of products sometimes needs to be used dependant on month or time of the month.