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Cosmetic acupuncture – A gentler way to a fresher you.

Gemma received specialist training with  John Tindall at his Yuan Clinic in Cosmetic Acupuncture and facial massage in 2014.

A course of ten weekly session  plus ongoing maintenance is required (dependent on severity of concerns). This chemical free alternative for anti ageing, combines the use of powerful acupuncture points that drain excess energy. Plus intra-dermal needling. Healing for targeting specific areas of concern,  producing micro trauma and bringing fresh energy to the complexion.

Each session includes a grounding body treatment. A refreshing facial cleanse is followed by the application of facial needles and ended with a facial massage.

Skin care advice will be given to prolong the results of the treatment.

Not everybody is suitable for cosmetic acupuncture, this will be determined during the initial consultation. Sometimes it is necessary to start with a program of body treatments before beginning a cosmetic acupuncture course.

Please ensure you have eaten before all treatments.

Price: £95 per session.

Course of 10 sessions (recommended) £900.